Portlandia @ Night – Bridges, Oaxaca Stylisation, Airbrush – Acrylic on Canvas. 48” x 34”.

Portland @ Night – Bridges, Oaxaca Stylisation, Airbrush – ¬†Acrylic on Canvas. 48” x 34”.

A Jesus Kobe piece depicting a woman hovering over Portland’s bridges and water ways. The piece was exhibited in Portland for several years including at the yearly PDX art exhibit in Downtown Portland.

Conceptually, the art piece is a fusion of Portland scenery & Oaxacan painting techniques. Invoking Oaxaca’s political turmoil and social life through aggressive angles, dark hues and pronounced airbrushing, Kobe references Portland amicable night life well too. The Portland scenery is further reflected through various bridges, river and divisions between the urban, downtown area (in the West side of town) and East Portland, a division marked by the city’s many bridges. East Portland is where there affordable, worker coffee shops abound, breakfast eateries and other riverways crossing over to Washington area lie. In contrast, West Portland holds the city’s government centres, financial hubs and professional class. Ultimately, the woman hovers over this different, self-contained world, marked by the introduction of a new element from Mexico.


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